Testosterone pellets

Testosterone pellets are a form of hormone replacement therapy. These pellets contain crystallized testosterone and deliver a steady, low dose of this hormone to the individual for up to 6 months at a time. Benefits include increased mental and physical energy, improved libido and sexual satisfaction, a healthier physique and a better sense of well being.

What are the benefits of testosterone pellets?

Some of the benefits of testosterone pellets include:

  • Increased mental and physical energy
  • Improved libido and sexual satisfaction
  • Healthier physique, and a better sense of well being
  • More convenient than testosterone injections
  • Causes less skin irritation than gels or creams
  • Lasts for longer with no daily medication to take

Women, in addition, may also benefit from:

  • Relief of hot flashes
  • PMS relief
  • Vaginal rejuvenation
  • Increased bone density
  • Improved sleep

Both men and women who use the testosterone pellets may enjoy an array of health benefits.

This makes sense as testosterone pellets provide hormonal balance. Conditions of estrogen dominance, such as breast cancer, uterine fibroids, obesity, and fibromyalgia, have all been shown to be improved by T pellets.

Furthermore, natural T when delivered in a slow, and steady fashion, mimics the body’s inherent physiology, leading to minimal side effects, and superior results.

How do testosterone pellets work?

Testosterone pellets work by emitting a steady, low level of testosterone over a period of several months.

After appropriate evaluation and informed consent, the testosterone pellets procedure is performed using a local anesthetic.

A doctor will typically implant about ten pellets subcutaneously through a 3 mm incision near the hip or on the buttocks, after thoroughly cleaning the area.

An adhesive tape is removed in four days. This procedure is quick and can take place in the doctor’s office.

The pellets releases a steady dose of the hormone for several months following the implantation.

Medical professionals remain divided regarding the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy and whether or not it can help alleviate the symptoms of hypogonadism.

Harvard Men’s Health advise people considering testosterone therapy to consult a doctor and learn about all of the side effects and risks before making a decision.

They also recommend that people interested in this therapy try to boost their energy by making lifestyle changes first.

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