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Health media digital newspapers in the Dominican Republic. dohealthwell.

Five Dominican health media publishers sign editorial alliance

Five digital health newspapers of the Dominican Republic have signed an alliance to broadcast medical, pharmaceutical, and health sector information. The agreement includes the sharing of content as well as the promotion of mutual advertising. The...
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What is type 2 diabetes and its causes

Diabetes is a lifelong disease that affects the way your body handles glucose, a type of sugar, in your blood. Most people with the condition have type 2. In fact, more than 30 million people in...
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What is hypoglycemia, its symptoms, and your diet’s impact

People with diabetes get hypoglycemia, a low blood sugar level when their bodies do not have enough sugar for fuel. It can happen for several reasons, including diet, some medications and conditions, and exercise. According to...
Edgar del Toro and Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso signed a collaboration agreement in the Dominican Republic. dohealthwellvideo

ADTS and Banco LAFISE sign medical travel agreement

The Dominican Association of Health Tourism -ADTS- and Banco LAFISE signed an inter-institutional agreement to strengthen the scope of medical travel in the Dominican Republic. The understanding aims to encourage international patients from the cities...
Dr. Josue Hernandez is an experience emergency room specialist. dohealthwell.video

IMG Punta Cana appoints Dr. Josue Hernandez as medical director

The International Medical Group Punta Cana appointed Dr. Josue Hernandez as its new medical director, after serving as emergency director at the Plaza de la Salud. Dr. Hernandez is an emergency and disasters specialist graduated...
Wellness tourism seeks to improve or improves a person's wellbeing. dohealthwellvideo

What is wellness tourism

Wellness tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and the main reason is that it puts your wellbeing and overall health at the center of your travel experience. According to the...
What do high levels of hemoglobin mean

What do high levels of hemoglobin mean

According to the World Health Organization in the U.S., high levels of hemoglobin is common in individuals who smoke as well as those living in high altitude regions. Having high levels of hemoglobin occurs due...
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