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Welcome to our blog.

Here you will find local and international news, opinion articles, and interviews related to Medical Travel, also known as Medical Tourism or Health Tourism.

We bring journalism to the industry, hospitals, doctors, and the global community of medical travelers who look for the best information before, during, and after their trips.

Amelia Reyes, President of AF Comunicacion Estrategica and Vice President of the Dominican Health Tourism Association. Medical Travel, Medical Tourism, dohealthwell.

Pending tasks in human resources, by Amelia Reyes

The closing of a year is a good time to reflect. However, I believe that rather than being critical, we should be participants in the opportunities for improvement and the preparation of a work plan...
Jairo Mateo medical travel. dohealthwellvideo

Jairo Mateo’s body transformation challenge at Gold’s Gym

My name is Jairo Mateo, Editor of dohealthwell.net. and I signed up for the 2019 Gold's Gym body transformation challenge in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I decided to make a positive change in my life and...
Paola Rainieri de Diaz Grupo Puntacana. dohealthwell

Who is Paola Rainieri de Diaz, the newly appointed leader of Asonahores

Paola Rainieri de Diaz reached the top leadership position at the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic, without any doubt the most powerful private tourism entity. She has held important roles at...
Board of Directors Asonahores 2018-2020. dohealthwell

Asonahores swears board of directors for 2018-2020

The Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic -Asohanores - is the leading private entity of the tourism industry. Its purpose is to represent the different actors of the tourism sector before local...
Paola Rainieri de Diaz, president of Asonahores. dohealthwell

Paola Rainieri vows as new president of Asonahores

The Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic - Asonahores - positioned a new president for the 2018-2020 term: Paola Rainieri de Diaz. "To win, we must all be aware that we need...

AF Comunicacion seals a partnership with Worldcom Public Relations Group

AF Comunicacion Estrategica expands its reach with an affiliation to the leading global partnership of public relations firms, Worldcom Public Relations Group. “Worldcom is very excited to welcome these new partners to our ever-growing network...
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