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Santo Domingo
Espaillat Cabral Institute. dohealthwell

Espaillat Cabral Institute: at the cutting edge of medical travel ophtalmologic surgery

The Espaillat Cabral Institute is the first ophthalmology clinic and the first medical center dedicated to a single specialty in the Dominican Republic. For almost half a century it has been a national and...
New York Times Santo Domingo

36 hours in Santo Domingo

Walking the vibrant streets of Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic’s capital, can be frustrating for the beach-seeking tourist — you’re tantalized by the sight of the sea but the best beaches, with that quintessential...
Recovery house - Dominican Republic - dohealthwell

Medical travel and the bridge between care and recovery

There are many uncertainties that arise before and after a surgical intervention, a post-surgery scenario often unimaginable that without good care and medical attention could put at risk the return of the patient to...
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Can You Lose Weight From Your Couch?

We’ve all entertained some version of the same fantasy: skipping the gym in favor of a Netflix marathon while still losing weight. Well, what was once dismissed as a daydream is increasingly becoming a...
Dr. Rossy Nuñez - dermatologist- hair trasplant- dohealthwell - Marketo Salud - Santo Domingo - República Dominicana 3

Meet Dr. Rossy Nuñez, dermatologist and hair trasplant expert in the Dominican Republic

Marketo Salud introduces you to Dr. Rossy Nuñez, a dermatologist with subspecialty in trichology and hair transplantation in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Nuñez is a Doctor of Medicine - Cum Laude from the Pontifical Catholic...

Meet Dr. Manuel Sanabia, aesthetic dentist in the Dominican Republic

Marketo Salud introduces you to Dr. Manuel Sanabia, a certified cosmetic dentist in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Sanabia is a Doctor of Dentistry from the Eugenio María de Hostos University and has a Master's Degree...
Dermatology Hair Loss -dohealthwell

The Best Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions

Our hair can say a lot about us. Unfortunately, for many people, hair loss is a growing issue. According to the American Hair Loss Association, 85% of men and 40% of women report significant...


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