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Here you will find local and international news, opinion articles, and interviews related to Medical Travel, also known as Medical Tourism or Health Tourism.

We bring journalism to the industry, hospitals, doctors, and the global community of medical travelers who look for the best information before, during, and after their trips.


Pipin Ferreras to set world record; Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso leads medical team

Cuban free-diver legend Francisco Pipin Ferreras aims to impose a world record of free-diving in Boca Chica, alongside a Dominican multidisciplinary medical team. Ferreras announced the milestone during the presentation of "Art of Breathing: The...

AF Comunicacion seals a partnership with Worldcom Public Relations Group

AF Comunicacion Estrategica expands its reach with an affiliation to the leading global partnership of public relations firms, Worldcom Public Relations Group. “Worldcom is very excited to welcome these new partners to our ever-growing network...
Joel Santos at the Asonahores Tourist Investment Forum. dohealthwell.

Santos bets on stock market for tourism; medical travel a promising niche

The stock market is a strategic ally for the growth of the Dominican Republic's tourism sector and within the diversification of the offer by incorporating promising niches like medical travel. According to Joel Santos, president...

Gloria Guevara Manzo highlights tourism growth in the Dominican Republic

Gloria Guevara Manzo, president and CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), highlighted the growth achieved by the tourism sector in the Dominican Republic. The tourism expert spoke at the second Asonahores Tourism...

Tourists flow to the Dominican Republic keeps strength by October 2018

As the Caribbean tourism powerhouse, the Dominican Republic maintains its strength in the arrival of non-resident visitors, exceeding past calculations. According to the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic, the cumulative arrival of non-resident visitors who air...
Medical motion and Plaza de la Salud agreement

Medical Motion and Plaza de la Salud agreed on second opinion service

Plaza de la Salud and Medical Motion Corporate established an agreement to provide second opinion medical services to thousands of Dominicans and local residents, improving the transfer of technology, knowledge and research information. The local...


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