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Washing face - dohealthwell

The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Grooming

There’s a stereotype out there that men don’t like to take care of their skin. While it’s been said stereotypes contain a nugget of truth, we beg to differ. It’s not that men don’t...

Health centers in the Dominican Republic unify over medical travel

Health centers in the Dominican Republic continue to improve and upgrade their services offer to medical travelers, in a growing industry known for its cost-effectiveness and value. Based on destination environment, medical tourism industry, quality of...
Dr. Adamo Crosetti -dohealthwell -Marketo Salud

Meet Dr. Adamo Crosetti, aesthetic and antiaging specialist in the Dominican Republic

 Marketo Salud introduces you to Dr. Adamo Crosetti, a doctor specialized in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. Crosetti is a Doctor in Medicine, and holds a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine, a certificate in Facial Cosmetology, Mesotherapy...

How much gastric sleeve cost in the Dominican Republic

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed to remove a big portion of your stomach, making you feel full sooner after eating. According to Ralph Peterli, MD, of Claraspital in Basel in Switzerland, in a single-center study,...
Women stepping on scale BMI concept.

How to calculate your BMI in less than 1 minute

BMI is a simple and inexpensive way of measuring body fat based on your weight in kilograms concerning your height in meters. It is considered a reasonable indicator of body fat for male and female adults...

How to increase hemoglobin levels

How to increase hemoglobin levels is a common question among medical travelers, especially those having plastic or weight loss surgery. Hemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen through the body. When the level of hemoglobin drops, it can...
What do high levels of hemoglobin mean

What do high levels of hemoglobin mean

According to the World Health Organization in the U.S., high levels of hemoglobin is common in individuals who smoke as well as those living in high altitude regions. Having high levels of hemoglobin occurs due...


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