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Here you will find local and international news, opinion articles, and interviews related to Medical Travel, also known as Medical Tourism or Health Tourism.

We bring journalism to the industry, hospitals, doctors, and the global community of medical travelers who look for the best information before, during, and after their trips.

Amelia Reyes, William Malamud, and Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso.

Am. Chamber of Commerce seals Medical Travel collaboration agreement

The American Chamber of Commerce sealed a medical travel collaboration agreement with the Dominican Health Tourism Association (ADTS) and AF Comunicación Estratégica, opening the path for exporting the medical travel offer and bringing business...
Board of Directors Asonahores 2018-2020. dohealthwell

Asonahores swears board of directors for 2018-2020

The Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic -Asohanores - is the leading private entity of the tourism industry. Its purpose is to represent the different actors of the tourism sector before local...
Dr. Victor Atallah at Santo Domingo Wellness Center inauguration. dohealthwell

Dr. Victor Atallah: Wellness and integral health are our priorities

Dr. Victor Atallah leads the newly opened Santo Domingo Wellness Center, and in his speech, he laid down the staff priorities and valued the interest of Major League Baseball in the project. "Wellness and providing...

Galina Lysenko: Russian tourists to the Dominican Republic are increasing

The Russian tourists that visit the Dominican Republic are constantly increasing, in a country that is interested in developing tour operators in the east and advertise the southwest to a market that also aims...
A look at Sanctuary Cap Cana, one of the most prominent destinations of Punta Cana.video

Dominican tourism is on top of the game (+facts)

Dominican Tourism progressively went from receiving 4.1 million tourists in 2010 to almost 6.2 million in 2017. In just two years, from 2013 and 2015, revenues exceeded 16 billion dollars and outplaced the general budget...
Paola Rainieri de Diaz, president of Asonahores. dohealthwell

Paola Rainieri vows as new president of Asonahores

The Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic - Asonahores - positioned a new president for the 2018-2020 term: Paola Rainieri de Diaz. "To win, we must all be aware that we need...
BBC Mundo points that the Dominican Republic as the number one economy in Latin America. dohealthwell, medical travel, medical tourism.

BBC Mundo: Highest economic growth in Latam for 2018? The Dominican

The Dominican Republic is projected to have the highest economic growth in Latin America for 2018, a title achieved in the past several years for this Caribbean country of about 30 thousand square miles. BBC...


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