Cedimat: Caribbeans top cardiovascular center

Cedimat Cardiovascular Center serves thousands of locals and medical travelers.

Cedimat is located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic's capital, roughly 40 minutes from Las Americas International Airport (SDQ). Source: Cedimat

Cedimat was built as a visionary cardiovascular center in the heart of the Caribbean: the Dominican Republic.

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases, or CVDs, are the global primary cause of deaths. Any other reasons combined do not top CVD-related deceases.

As of 2015, an estimated 17.7 million people died from a CVD, which represented a skyrocket 31% of all global deaths. 82% of them (14.1 million) have perished because of coronary heart disease and stroke.

Furthermore, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention -CDC- noted that in the United States 28.4 million adults are diagnosed with heart disease, a staggering 11.7% of all adults.

World Health Organization infographic that details the factors that contribute to heart diseases.

Dominican Republic’s Vision

Cedimat Cardiovascular Center has made its way to be one of the top choices in the Caribbean.

In November 2015, the Center for Diagnosis, Advanced Medicine, Medical Conferences and Telemedicine (Cedimat, by its Spanish acronym), opened its Cardiovascular Center (CCV).

Within its 30 thousand square feet, it holds two operation blocks, technical areas for each cardiological specialty, 180 beds and an initial staff of 900.

The government of Danilo Medina has put Health Tourism as a key economic and social strategic industry.
The President of the Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina (second from left), and other high-ranking authorities attended the inauguration. Source: Acento

According to Cedimat, the Cardiovascular Center is the most complete heart center of the Caribbean, serving local and international patients.

  • 7-floor building
  • Five operation rooms, 2 of which are pediatric
  • Four hemodynamic wards
  • 35 ICUs
  • 1 Chest Pain Unit
  • Reanimation, Triage, and Telemetry cubicles
  • Digital X-ray equipment and angiograms

The extensive data about CVDs constituted the basis to build such cardiovascular center. Noteworthy, in the primary tourist destination of the Caribbean and one of the best in America: The Dominican Republic.

In the first semester of 2017, the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic accounted record tourists visitors with over 6.8 million arriving at any of the multiple international airports. Thousands more landed via cruises.

Why is this important to take in consideration? Given the fact that the island is already a tourism powerhouse, the public and private sector have sustained efforts to make the DR become a Health & Wellness Tourism destination.

Strategic Alliances of Cedimat

On March 2017, Cedimat signed an agreement with Saint Martin’s SZV Social & Health Insurances. 

The agreement will project the country as a benchmark for quality modern medical services, serving thousands of people and benefiting both economies.

Doctors Cesar Herrera, CCV director, endorsed an alliance between Cedimat and Montefiore Hospital, represented by Mario Garcia, chief of Cardiology.

Doctor Cesar Herrera, Cedimat Cardiovascular Center director (left) and Mario Garcia, chief of Cardiology at Montefiore Hospital.
Both representatives explaining the importance of Cedimat and Montefiore alliance. Source: El Dia.

“One may have the best hospital and staff, but without a vision, these tools won’t be helpful,” as Herrera explained in an interview given to a local newspaper, noting the importance of the Saint Martin agreement from 2017.

Garcia highlighted the strategic position of the Dominican Republic. Also, our eight international airports, which eases the reception of thousands of Health Tourists from his country and the Caribbean. Consequently, he insisted that the DR is fully able to assist even the most complex cardiovascular diseases.

Below: Cardiovascular Center and Pediatric Unit inauguration and other Cedimat activities.