Medical travel is a global trend (+Dominican Republic)

Medical Travel has a projected growth of 25% per year.

The world in your hands.
If your options are tight, consider flying abroad for health services. Photo by Ben White.

Medical travel has consolidated as one of the fastest growing industries in the world, delivering solutions to millions of people.

When someone seeks treatment abroad, it’s because local options seem too expensive or do not provide the best value.

Anyone may consider a different possibility if perceived it as the best service and the highest quality treatment.

The International Healthcare Research Center (IHRC) is a global entity that promotes and provides transparency and improves global healthcare quality, population health management, expanded access to care, and the consumer healthcare experience.

Their latest Medical Tourism Index stated that the industry has a projected growth of 25% per year.

More than 11 million people are medical tourists. Check out some other facts and influences:


Why would you pay 40-60 thousand dollars for that hip replacement if there’s a country just 3.5 hours from your home, where you can have it from 8 to 13 thousand?

Why would you pay $18,000-$22,000 for a breast lift/or implants, tummy tuck, and liposuction (mommy makeover), if there’s a 5 to 5,000 deal?

2017 Medical Tourism Trends Full Infographic

Furthermore, you can have treatment from international board-certified doctors and allocate in hospitals that holds multiple foreign accreditations.

Doctors in Latin America usually (still, research) studied in the best colleges and medical schools from the U.S. and Europe.

Medical Tourism to the Dominican Republic

The IHRC also ranks Health Tourism destinations on a global scale. The 2016 index main dimensions were:

  • Destination environment
  • Medical Tourism industry
  • Quality of facilities & Services

After reviewing data from more than 4 thousand respondents, researched 41 destinations based on 34 criteria, the IHRC published their overall global rankings.

The Dominican Republic came up in 15th place. Compared to 2015, the country moved up three spots.

The Dominican Republic has a bright future on Medical Tourism

Also, the DR reached 5th place in the Medical Tourism Industry and 22nd on quality of facilities and services.

Recently, the Dominican Association of Health Tourism (ADTS) launched its second destination guide, in a collaborative work alongside the Medical Tourism Association.

“Medical Tourism brings great opportunities to our country and globally. Medical Tourist are not season visitors, they invest eight times more than recreational tourists”, said Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso, head of the entity.

He also pointed out that “the logistics that are needed to offer medical services will strengthen the quality standards of all centers in our country.”

See Dominican Republic’s destination report.