Study reveals medical insurance is required for tourists in the DR

Is it time to have health insurance for all tourists visiting DR?

Dominican Republic tourist insurance
Source: Pexels

The Dominican Republic has established itself as the tourist’s power of the Caribbean region, becoming a model of success admired by other nations.

To continue its vertiginous ascent, it faces new challenges, such as strengthening security and preserving the health of the tourists who visit us.

According to the recently published Study and Diagnosis of Health and Wellness Tourism in the Dominican Republic, under the lead of Lourdes Russa and a team of experts, it is necessary to take measures, such as medical insurance to protect the health of all tourists visiting the country when facing emergency situations and medical emergencies.

Stats of the aforementioned study, which has the endorsements of the National Council of Competitiveness and the Dominican Association of Health Tourism, 69,550 tourists were assisted by the concept of touristic medicine, a modality that consists of providing medical services in case of eventualities that threaten the health of foreigners.

Likewise, surveys were carried out by recognized local and international professionals, showing the importance of establishing coordinated protocols under a public-private alliance to respond to disaster situations and launching the national plan to adapt to climate change for the tourism sector, and also specific measures such as developing an aerial corridor that includes all tourists poles in order to provide timely air response in case of emergency transfers.

It concluded that the 911 national emergency system has had a very positive impact and the binomial of health and tourism has never strengthened its links so much and as a result it is foreseen that with efficient strategic planning the potential development of communities for retirees and the advent of the concept of healthy cities (Health City).

Globalization and the increase in the aging population require strengthening the accessibility of all facilities and invite us to work in international accreditations, new health centers with state-of-the-art technology and a seal of quality for medical tourism providers.

Faced with these realities and challenges, we must ask ourselves, is it time to have health insurance for all tourists visiting R.D.?

The Study and Diagnosis of Health and Wellness Tourism in the Dominican Republic point out that it does.

Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso R.

President of the Dominican Health Tourism Association