Temos: improving accreditation standards for health and medical travel

The accredited Temos partners obtain substantial benefits from the company's ISQua / IEEA, including increased referrals of patients and reduction of costs, said author Elizabeth Ziemba.

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Temos International partners with clients to create the highest standards of clinical and non-clinical services for all patients, both national and international.

With its focus on clinical outcomes, patient safety, risk management, and comprehensive patient experience, the accredited Temos partners obtain substantial benefits from the company’s ISQua / IEEA accreditation, which includes:

• Increased referrals of patients

• Reduction of costs resulting in budgetary savings

• Increase of reinvestment income

• Improved brand recognition

• Market differentiation

• A strong attraction for insurance/insurance companies, consulates, embassies, and other business partners.

Temos clients are leaders global health care companies committed to excellence that they want to innovate instead of imitating.

Their accreditation standards reflect an in-depth knowledge of the services international patients need to trust the providers they select.

These unique standards that are not offered by any other international accreditation organization include:

• Sustainability

• Patient’s blood management

• International patient and legal issues

• Ethical issues and international patient

The company has earned its reputation for transparency and ethical standards that make it highly respected throughout the world.

Each Temos representative, including their advisors and country representatives, signs the Temos Code of Ethics to ensure that our team shows the character traits that best represent the health travel industry.

Our team leads by example.

Temos is delighted with his achievements, including the ISQUa / IEEA accreditation.

Above all, we are proud of the relationships built over the years with more than 80 valuable accredited partners; our advisors with talent and knowledge from more than 30 countries; our growing number of representatives of dedicated countries and workers; our esteemed business partners, and colleagues and friends.

We look forward to sharing the Temos experience with you and welcoming you to our team!


Elizabeth Ziemba, JD, MPH, Temos authorized representative.

Elizabeth Ziemba, president of Medical Tourism Training
Source: Author’s LinkedIn profile.



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