What is a tooth crown

Do you have a broken or weakened tooth? Or maybe some large filling that makes you feel very uncomfortable? If you fell into these two examples, you should consider a tooth crown.

Picture of a small crown.
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According to the Oral Health Foundation, a tooth crown is described as an artificial restoration that occupies the remainder of a prepared tooth for a stronger and well-shaped tooth.

Similarly, WebMD defines a tooth crown as a tooth-shaped “cap” placed over a tooth to provide cover for the tooth to restore its size, shape, strengths, and to provide a better appearance.

Also known as tooth caps, tooth crowns are made from different materials such as porcelain bonded to precious metal, porcelain, all-ceramic, glass, and gold-alloy crowns, with a continuous introduction of new materials.

When is a tooth crown needed

Do you have a broken or weakened tooth? Or maybe some large fillings that make you feel very uncomfortable?

If you are facing any of these two examples, you should consider a tooth crown.

Aside from being ideal for general repair, you could use or need a tooth crown for:

  • For those who have had root canal therapy.
  • Holding a bridge or need to keep a denture in place firmly.
  • After having a filling and need some form of protection to fit the remaining part of the tooth.
  • Discolored filling and desire to improving the appearance of your teeth.
  • Cosmetic modifications.
  • Cover for dental implant

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For a child, a tooth crown is used to:

  • Protect the teeth from tooth decay, especially when it is difficult to maintain the child’s daily oral hygiene.
  • Save the child’s tooth from the damaged caused by decay and cannot support other forms of filling.
Types of Crowns

Tooth crowns are either permanent or temporary.

The permanent type is made from stainless steel, metal like gold or another alloy, resin, ceramic and porcelain. The crowns are made in dental laboratories.

On the other hand, the temporary type is made at the dentist’s office and of an acrylic-based material that can be used specifically for a temporary restoration until a permanent solution is provided.


A minimum of two visits is required.

In the first visit you will get impressions, the shade of the tooth noted, and then a fitted temporary crown.

A tooth crown usually takes two dental appointments.
A tooth crown usually takes two dental appointments. Source: bit.ly/2xUClLR

In the second appointment fits the permanent crown.

Then, you will have an appointment at intervals of 1 or two weeks.

How long does a tooth crown last

Crowns are believed to last a lifetime but sometimes come loose or fall out.

Colgate affirms that the length of a crown depends on different variables, one of them is practicing good oral hygiene and proper self-care.

For this reason, you are advised to avoid chewing hard foods, ice or some other hard objects to prevent damage to your new crown.