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The Dominican Republic is the top destination in the Caribbean for health travel, also known as medical tourism. Here you can find information to start your health-related journey.


Each year thousands of people travel to the Dominican Republic for treatment. In fact, the country is ranked 5th as a medical travel destination because of their quality and cost-effective services and the warmth of their health professionals.

Several big hospitals have pursued international accreditation and hold specialized international departments responsible for providing services to medical tourists; which include booking, translation services, airport pick-up/drop-off, and help with accommodations.

Main reasons why international patients seek medical and wellness treatments in the Dominican Republic include: Proximity and close ties with the United States and Canada. Citizens of the United States, Canada and most European countries do not require visas. There are numerous air links with all parts of the world, particularly in North and South America and Europe. Health centers accredited with first-order specialists. Immediate care without waiting lists. Good road infrastructure and satellite communications. Favorable climate all year round and sun and beach tourism, ideal for rest and recovery. Friendliness, warmth and hospitality of the Dominican staff, with respect for privacy. Economic stability and security.

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