AF Comunicacion seals a partnership with Worldcom Public Relations Group

“Trust, knowledge sharing and open collaboration are at the cornerstone of Worldcom’s partnership," stated Worldcom's Chair Roger Hurni,

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Posted by The Worldcom Public Relations Group on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

AF Comunicacion Estrategica expands its reach with an affiliation to the leading global partnership of public relations firms, Worldcom Public Relations Group.

“Worldcom is very excited to welcome these new partners to our ever-growing network and we look forward to their collaboration and contributions,” said Todd Lynch, managing director of Worldcom Public Relations Group on a statement.

The partnership with the Dominican firm is part of broad signup that includes JNL+ (Greece), KGB Texas Communications (San Antonio), and Tabua Digital (Portugal).

“We’re constantly striving to add partners who not only help maximize our geographic presence but bring expertise and skills that reflect our industry today and where it’s headed in the coming years,” added Lynch on the text.

According to Worldcom’s Chair Roger Hurni, they apply a rigorous recruitment process to ensure the agencies and organizations are compatible. “Trust, knowledge sharing and open collaboration are at the cornerstone of Worldcom’s partnership,” he said.

New partners of Worldcom must meet specific criteria:

  • Demonstrate high professional and ethical standards
  • A solid reputation in their market area in the practice of public relations
  • Five years of operating experience
  • At least five professional employees with five years of experience;
  • A principal decision maker of the firm that attends Worldcom’s annual meeting and regional meetings each year.
Worldcom Public Relations Group reach.
Source: Worldcom Public Relations Group.

The PR group was established in 1988 and they say to be “the world’s leading partnership of independently owned, strongest, and most capable public relations firms, with 143 offices across six continents.”

In 2017, their affiliates reported combined revenue of US$288 million from 3,043 clients.

AF Comunicacion Estrategica

The public relations firm is one of the most solid and competitive agencies in the Dominican market. In an interview given to a local magazine, Amelia Reyes Mora, president of AF Comunicacion Estrategica, noted the meaning of the partnership with Worldcom Public Relations Group.

“For us, it represents a significant differentiating value, which impels us to continue ensuring that we maintain the highest quality standards in each of the services we offer.”

Reyes Mora, a public relations expert with over 25 years in the business, pointed that the sum of the experiences, contacts, and knowledge of more than 2,000 communication professionals, spread over 115 cities in 49 countries, are part of her firm’s asset, which they make available to their clients.

Worldcom is Today Worldcom bundles the knowledge and expertise of 110 international PR agency partners operating in over 95 cities.
“Worldcom partnership allows us from the Dominican Republic to offer a service with international reach, ensuring high satisfaction and allowing us to increase our growth potential.” Source: AF Comunicacion Estrategica.

The agency client base includes a broad selection of leading local and international companies in different industries:

  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Technology
  • Tourism
  • Medical travel, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries.
AF Comunicacion Estrategica clients

AF Comunicacion Estrategica is responsible along with the Dominican Health Tourism Association, of organizing the International Health and Wellness Tourism Congress, the biggest event of the industry in the Caribbean.

The meeting, which arrived at its 4th edition last September, welcomed more than 50 sponsors and representatives from the United States, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Guatemala, Italy, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Canada.

In an April statement, Amelia Reyes Mora said that “health and wellness tourism aligns with national development goals, as it promotes innovation, technology transfer, knowledge and foreign investment to our country.

Moreover, the medical travel event is a meeting point for major national health centers, worldwide medical tourism authorities, the diplomatic community, large buyers of international health and executives of the U.S. and Canadian hospitals.

One of the first panels of the event was the “Strategies and Experiences in the Construction of a Health and Wellness Destination Brand”, led by Amelia Reyes Mora and composed by Jacqueline Monegro, Director of Health Tourism at the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic; Dr. Adolfo Moreno, Director of the Health and Dentistry Cluster of Medellin, Colombia; Mr. Massimo Manzi, Executive Director of International Medicine Promotion of Costa Rica; Martha Estrella, Editor at Caribbean Health Travel Magazine.

What AF adds to Worldcom in the partnership

AF Comunicacion Estrategica value proposition and the team of professionals offer best practices in the following:

  • Corporate communication
  • Event organization
  • Media management
  • Digital marketing
  • Crisis and risk management
  • Internal communication
  • Public Relations
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Editorial publishing and graphic communication
  • Relationship and media management


Founder and president of AF Comunicacion Estrategica.

Amelia Reyes obtained a Masters Degree in Communication, Public Relations and Protocol from ESERP, the School of Business and Social Science, and Camilo Jose Cela University (Spain). More than 25 years of experience as head of Human Resources, Communication and Corporate Affairs, Advertising, Industrial Safety, Health, and Environment.

Reyes has participated as a guest lecturer in national and international forums and congresses and has taught the subject of Crisis Communication in the Master in Public Management of the PUCMM.

Currently, she is Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Dominican Development Foundation and the Board of Directors of the Dominican Health Tourism Association.

Eduard Gottschalk,  Vicepresident of AF Comunicacion Estrategica.

Gottschalk career spans more than 25 years as a professional leading sales and business areas, operations development and project management, marketing management and “turnkey” sales in local and international markets.

He graduated in Aerospace Engineering from the Naval Academy of the United States and specialized in information technology and telecommunications. Gottschalk is a graduate of the Sales School of IBM Canada, LTD, of the Development Program in Marketing Management of Verizon, through the University of North Carolina and a Diploma in Strategic Sales Management.

He directs the digital marketing strategy of the agency, associated with the development of business intelligence analytics to meet the indicators and expectations of the clients.

Ana Santana, Director of Projects and Services.

Santana gained a Masters Degree in Corporate Communication Management from APEC University (Dominican Republic).

Santana brings more than 12 years of experience in advertising, marketing and event organization.

In the course of her career, she has held the positions of Director of Art and Production, Project Director, Internal and external communication and advice on the corporate image in various companies in the country. Certified in Inbound marketing.