Authorities celebrate the Dominican Residing Abroad Day at airports

The National Congress declared on December 20 of each year as "Dominican Residing Abroad Day."

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Source: Listin Diario

The Airport Department and the National Council for Dominican Communities Abroad (Condex) received hundreds of native passengers residing abroad and celebrated the Dominican Residing Abroad Day.

Travelers were received at the Las Américas terminal, at the rhythm of typical merengue, dances and the delivery of gifts and pennants, from airport officials.

The Executive Deputy Director of the Airport Department, Nicolás Mateo, highlighted the honor it is for the Dominican people to have their fellow Dominicans back in their land and to be able to receive them through the airports of the country.

“Our air terminals are in optimal condition to provide world class service to passengers and airport operators,” said the official.

Ministry of Tourism special receiptment

The Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) and the Cibao International Airport organized a special reception for the celebration of the Dominican Residing Abroad Day in its tenth version.

At the rhythm of merengue, the Tourism and airport officials welcomed the Passenger of the Year, a Dominican resident abroad who reported more entries to the country during the year, while the Absent Dominican is the one who remained for the longest time without entering the nation.

Dominican Residing abroad day
Stephany María Salcedo Ortega. Source: Arecoa

Stephany María Salcedo Ortega, 20, a native of the municipality of San José de las Matas, was the traveler with most time outside the country, while Tania Josefina Espinal, a native of the municipality of Jarabacoa, was the passenger with more visits to the country during this year, with eight.

Both were selected by passport verification, and arrived in Santiago aboard flight 2637, via JetBlue, which landed at Cibao International Airport at 11:25AM.

The manager of the Mitur office at the airport, Oscar Miguel de la Hoz, detailed the awarded received weekends in various hotels, dinners in restaurants, as well as VIP executive check-ups and high-end cigars, said De la Hoz.

In this installment, “we decided to highlight the businessman Edmundo Aja as the Most Outstanding Tourist Entrepreneur, for his great contributions to the tourism industry.”

The National Congress declared December 20 of each year as Dominican Residing Abroad Day, for the valuable contributions made by this community to the socio-economic development of the country.