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Santo Domingo
Paola Rainieri de Diaz, president of Asonahores. dohealthwell

Paola Rainieri vows as new president of Asonahores

The Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic - Asonahores - positioned a new president for the 2018-2020 term: Paola Rainieri de Diaz. "To win, we must all be aware that we need...

Doina de Campos: Health Tourism is a great opportunity for Santo Domingo

For Doina de Campos, health tourism brings great opportunities to the city of Santo Domingo, being the entrance door of the Americas and as part of the "crossing of all ways" concept. "From the beginning, one...
Mitur and ADTS at Santo Domingo Destino Capital 2018. dohealthwell/Jairo Mateo

Mitur and ADTS working for a high-quality health and wellness destination

Mitur and ADTS- Dominican Health Tourism Association- are working together to position the Dominican Republic as a high-quality destination for medical and wellness travelers. The vision is shared by Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso, President of ADTS, and...
Joel Santos, president of Asonahores. dohealthwell, Jairo Mateo

Santo Domingo Destino Capital 2018 [PRESS RELEASE]

The organizers of Santo Domingo Destino Capital 2018 issued a press release regarding their newest edition of the tourism event that gathers over a hundred operators, international wholesalers, and exhibitors. The meeting was formally inaugurated...

Pipin Ferreras evaluation at HGPS sets the path for world record

The "Living Legend of Submarine Abysses" Pipin Ferreras got a general evaluation at HGPS as he prepares to set a new world record on December 9th, 2018 A multidisciplinary team of medical specialists led by...
Amelia Reyes, William Malamud, and Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso.

Am. Chamber of Commerce seals Medical Travel collaboration agreement

The American Chamber of Commerce sealed a medical travel collaboration agreement with the Dominican Health Tourism Association (ADTS) and AF Comunicación Estratégica, opening the path for exporting the medical travel offer and bringing business...
Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso y Roberto Henriquez.

Hotel Association of Santo Domingo and ADTS sign medical travel agreement

The Hotel Association of Santo Domingo and the Dominican Health Tourism Association signed an interinstitutional agreement for the promotion and development of Medical Travel in Santo Domingo. According to a press release sent to DoHealthWell®,...
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