Dominican president is set to sign decree to improve safety of tourists

The Dominican minister of Tourism said that hotel rooms throughout the country will have cards containing important contact information.

Danilo Medina Dominican Republic President
Source: Presidencia RD

The President of the Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina, is set to issue a decree assigning special functions to several governmental institutions for the protection and safety of tourists.

In a meeting hosted last Wednesday by the Dominican Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas, which gathered all the Diplomatic and Consular Corps, the news was revealed by the Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier Garcia, who added that a company will be hired, so the quality of the foods and the drinks that are offered in the Dominican hotels are certified.

Consular Corps of the Dominican Republic

“To our surprise, many of these companies already had these certifiers, but we are going to implement them in a general way. We are going to work so that the won reputation returns, we do not want privileges, rather be treated with justice, we have never campaigned with deaths against any country,” the official said according to a local source.

Javier Garcia said that the Dominican tourism industry has its history and that it will continue fighting against what he called “media defamation so that the truth will float and show that there are no so-called mysterious deaths and the “avalanche of deaths” mentioned by the international media.”

The Dominican authorities aim to improve the safety of tourists

He stressed that the Dominican Republic is in a Level 2 Security according to the State Department of the United States, only compared with nations such as France (the country that receives the most tourists in the world), Spain, Belgium, Denmark, among others.

Actions to improve the safety of tourists in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican minister of Tourism said that hotel rooms throughout the country would have cards containing the following:

  • Emergency number
  • Embassies contact information
  • Phone number of the Specialized Body of Tourist Security (CESTUR).

He thanked the Ambassador of the United States of America, Robin S. Bernstein for considering these cases as isolated, and the State Department of the United States, who in the last warning they made, acknowledged in a separate chapter the existing safety in the tourist poles of the Dominican Republic.

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