Dr. Prem Jagyasi: A global leader in medical tourism

"Global medical forums have always been productive in fostering innovations in medical tourism," said the expert in a recent article about the congress in Santo Domingo.

Dr. Prem Jagyasi is a global leader in medical tourism that travels to niche destinations to share his expertise.

As one of the key speakers at the 4th International Health and Wellness Tourism Congress on September 5-7, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Jagyasi is welcomed by the Dominican Health Tourism Association and AF Comunicación Estratégica.

We highlighted Dr. Prem Jagyasi as an expert service provider and his impact as founder and CEO of Dr. Prem & Associates.

Dr. Prem Jagyasi

“Do you wish to build a medical tourism business? Let global expert Dr. Prem and his prolific team help you get there,” is the first thing we notice when researching him.

According to their site, Dr. Prem and his associates based in 35 countries are world leaders in medical tourism services and also mentions that it has:

  • Consulted in more than 45 countries
  • Traveled to 65 countries
  • Over 150 international clients with half a million social followers.

Dr. Prem Jagyasi offers high-profile healthcare consultancy services promoting government authorities, healthcare organizations and medical tourism facilitators.

The health tourism consultancy services are provided in conjunction with international and regional representatives.

Here is a list of some of the offerings:

  • Medical tourism marketing consultancy

A strategic marketing plan based on service offering, current trends, destination trends, strategic branding, and strategic positioning.

  • Target market strategies in medical tourism

ID target markets based on:

  • Service availability
  • Connections

It also focuses on existing tourism trends and visa and emigrations.

  • Relationship management, introductions, and networking services

According to their website, “you are guaranteed to establish a relationship with performing facilitators, referring physicians, referring clinics and hospitals, health insurance companies
corporate buyers, NGO, and patient investment companies.

The rest of the areas of expertise of Dr. Prem Jagyasi’s and his associates are as follows:

  • Revenues stream from international business
  • International patient department strategies
  • Public relation consultancy

4th International Health and Wellness Tourism Congress

“I feel participating in global health tourism conferences carries immense significance. These forums are truly eye-openers. It builds knowledge and vision. It keeps you ahead of the latest developments in medical services and facilities. You meet new people and get the opportunity to build a business-favoring network which is so important in today’s perspective,” said Dr. Prem on a recent statement.

For the medical travel expert, competition in medical tourism has turned deeper with the growing number of emerging destinations aiming for a bigger market share.

He spoke highly about the congress, emphasizing how these type of events foster innovations.

“From my experience, I can say that global medical forums have always been productive in fostering innovations in medical tourism. I have high hopes that this Congress would be equally encouraging unraveling some extraordinary prospects of medical tourism in the Dominican Republic.”

Dr. Prem Jagyasi: A Global Leader in Medical Tourism

In the next two months, Dr. Prem Jagyasi travels to seven countries and will conduct three international workshops.

His first stop is in the Dominican Republic, where he will be conducting a conference titled New Trends in Health and Wellness Tourism, which promises a lot of industry insights and data delivered by this award-winning strategic leader, renowned author, publisher and highly acclaimed global speaker.

Dr. Prem Jagyasi is a global leader in medical travel and visits the Dominican Republic for the first time.
Source: Dr. Prem.com

In Croatia, Dr. Prem joins the 2nd Adriatic Health and Tourism Investment Forum 2018, scheduled from October 10-12th in Zagreb.

Their organizers claim that the “forum is the right place for all visionaries and enthusiasts interested in how the health tourism in the Adriatic Region can reach the next level and become the full-time destination with quality contents from medical, wellness, touristic, rural and gastronomic segments.”

In Ukraine, Dr. Prem Jagyasi has a workshop with speaker Anna Guchok on October 16th.