Dr. Victor Atallah: wellness and integral health are our priorities

Dr. Victor Atallah is a Doctor of Medicine, graduated as Magna Cum Laude and postgraduate in Cardiology, Nuclear Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology at Lenox Hill Hospital in the United States.

Dr. Victor Atallah at Santo Domingo Wellness Center inauguration. dohealthwell
Source: Santo Domingo Wellness Center.

Dr. Victor Atallah leads the newly opened Santo Domingo Wellness Center, and in his speech, he laid down the staff priorities and valued the interest of Major League Baseball in the project.

“Wellness and providing that feeling of wellness, and general, integral health, are our priorities to everyone that visits us. We understand that our users trust us the most precious thing we all have, which is our health and sense of life,” said the respected Dominican MD on February 8th, which marked the official opening of the site.

Dr. Atallah emphasized that the Santo Domingo Wellness Center brings a new health concept in the Dominican Republic that uses genetics and prevention.

During his speech, he detailed that everything starts with a cardiovascular evaluation, EKG, followed by a strength test to know in the early stages if something is impeding the performance of specific physical activities.

“We also provide visual, sensorial, and hearing evaluations for the best relation of the people with their environment. Health is not only what happens inside our bodies, it is a matter of genetics, epigenetics, and environmental conditions,” narrowed down Dr. Atallah, who specializes in clinical cardiology, and is also an internal and nuclear medicine expert.

Robinson Cano and Jean Segura

Yerik Perez, internal director of the Office of the Commissioner at the MLB Dominican Republic, and Luis Mejia, president of the Dominican Olympic Committee, showed up and praised the opening of such health facility that embraces a new health concept.

“We want to show them what we intend to do here so that they can see the value from a health and sports performance standpoint. For athletes, you can take this as your center, your home,” said Dr. Atallah to Robinson Cano and Jean Segura, from the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies, respectively.

Dr. Victor Atallah shows the Santo Domingo Wellness Center to Robinson Cano and Jean Segura. dohealthwell
Source: Dr. Victor Atallah shows the Santo Domingo Wellness Center to Robinson Cano and Jean Segura. Source: dohealthwell

The wellness center uses an integrated system of early illnesses detection, based on a complete medical analysis that starts with clinical history, physical tests, and other analytics, to get a grasp of the current conditions and preconditions of athletes and people in general.

“It is imperative for Major League Baseball to have a guarantee of the health and capabilities of their upcoming and current athletes. We want to take them to the next level and on their best shape possible,” he added.

Robinson Cano, 8-time All-Star, 2-time Gold Glove, and 5-time Silver Slugger winner, spoke highly about his new trainer Juan Carlos Simo, strength and functional fitness coach at Santo Domingo Wellness Center.

“It is a blessing for all of us to have such a great center, where you can come with all the confidence in the world, and as we heard (in Dr. Atallah’s speech) we have people from Major League Baseball here with us,” said the Dominican infielder to Noticias SIN.

Cano pointed out that every athlete wants to get better and prevent any injuries. He mentioned that he has been working with Simo for the past three months.

“I met him a few years ago. He is a good person, and I thank him not only for the training but also for his guidance,” said the Mets newest acquisition. When asked about his physical condition, he said that all he wants is a healthy season.

Cano said that he never puts numbers ahead of time and focuses on having a healthy season by making the best effort in the off-season. “I drive one hour from San Pedro (East) just to come here,”  he explained.