Fedor Vidal: LATAM urges a hospital digital transformation

Fedor Vidal, Elizabeth Ziemba, Maria K. Todd, y otros sistentes Panasalud 2019

Fedor Vidal, CEO and Managing Partner of Arium Health, highlighted the need of a digital hospital transformation in Latin America, as it improves the patient’s experience and to make the administrative processes of health centers efficient.

The expert in technology applied to healthcare spoke during the Digital Transformation, Innovation, and Finance panel, at the 4th Panasalud Conference 2019, in Panama City, Panama.

“A hospital digital transformation in Latin America represents benefits for the patient and the administrative processes of the centers, and opens the posibility for competing in the international market,” said Vidal.

Among the processes to be digitized, the CEO of Arium Health highlighted the following:

  • The booking/appointments
  • Administrative and management processes
  • The electronic recipe (e-prescribing)

He urged that there must be changes at the university-level to educate technology applied to health (also called digital health) to the new generation of doctors who are entering the market.

Likewise, he valued the 4th Panasalud Conference 2019 and congratulated Luis Santamaría and Lorena Martínez for bringing together different actors in the medical tourism value chain, including international accreditors, hospitals, researchers, transport, medical equipment suppliers, among others.

Vidal invited the representatives of health centers in Panama, Colombia, Peru and Costa Rica who participated in Panasalud 2019, to join the 1st Latin American Congress Digital Health, to be held on November 15 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

“This first congress seeks to raise awareness among decision makers in Latin America that digital transformation is necessary to compete in the international patient market, reduce operational costs, automate information and communication processes, and offer patient-centered medical care, supported by technology, “he said.