Health Tourism Association is awarded within the new tourism strengths

ADTS engourages public-private partnerships aimed at upgrading the quality and safety of health services provided to visitors.

Galardón Luis Augusto Caminero - ADTS

The Dominican Health Tourism Association (ADTS) received an award for its contribution to developing the medical tourism industry in the Dominican Republic, as one of the new strengths within the consolidated tourism sector in the country.

“Medical tourism was recognized as a new strength of the tourism sector and it’s ranked as a key activity for the country’s competitiveness,” said Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso, president of the non-profit entity.

On June 9th, the main leaders of the tourism sector, headed by the Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier Garcia, met in Santo Domingo to hand out the Luis Augusto Caminero Award, an award organized by the Dominican Tourist Press Association (Adompretur).

Different entities were recognized because of their contributions to the tourism sector, in an award show defined by Ellis Perez, a founding member of Adompretur and former minister of Tourism as a “timely act of justice for Dominican tourism”.

ADTS was awarded within the “New Tourism Strenght” category for its contribution to rank the Caribbean country as a medical travel destination and for encouraging public-private partnerships aimed at upgrading the quality and safety of health services provided to visitors.

The president of ADTS, Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso, received the plaque along with the vice president of the entity, Amelia Reyes Mora, the Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier and the past president of Adompretur, Dania Goris.

“We are very motivated and grateful for this recognition made by Adompretur to Health Tourism. We also congratulate Luis Jose Chavez and the entire team for this important support to the tourism industry,” said Amelia Reyes on a statement.

Galardon Luis Augusto Caminero - ADTS (2)
Eduard Gottschalk, Amelia Reyes, Maite del Toro, and Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso.

Reyes outlined that health centers and health professionals are the main actors for improvement, however, she emphasized that the entire health system is required to collaborate so the Dominican Republic continues to strengthen its offer.

“The communication, training, awareness, the involvement of the government and the different sectors, as well as the implementation of the Quality Seal proposal, among others, are key elements for this country to move forward.”