HOMS bets to make Santiago a reliable health tourism destination

The Metropolitan Hospital of Santiago received the support of public and private sector in its quest to develop as a key health tourism destination in the Dominican Republic.

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The Metropolitan Hospital of Santiago began the construction of a new professional tower-hotel and opened its Bariatric and Digestive Institute -Meta Integra-, in a bet to make this city a reliable and safe destination for thousands of international patients who require quality health services.

“HOMS prepared itself to provide medical attention to the entire neighboring geographic area and making Santiago a reliable destination for health tourism, positioning itself as a reference hospital that begins to cross borders,” said Dr. Rafael Sánchez Español, president of the administrative council of the hospital, at the first sting of the new professional tower-hotel on November 27th.

In his speech, Dr. Sánchez Español highlighted that the health center was conceived as a third level, academic, and research hospital to develop specialized services in the different areas of medicine.

Dr. Rafael Sánchez Español - HOMS Torre - Hotel - dohealthwell
Fuente: HOMS

“We inaugurated the HOMS on March 2008. In 2010 we opened the cancer center with cutting-edge technological equipment. In 2014, the robotic surgery center, unique in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. In 2017 the cardiovascular center opened its doors and this year we will put the renal and hemodialysis center in operation. Next year, we will open the biliopancreatic hepato unit, for the management of liver and pancreas diseases”.

The respected Dominican doctor aknowledged that the hospital fulfilled its initial purpose of giving Santiago, the region, and the country, a quality medicine aligned with the scientific and technological advances of the world.

The event, broadcasted live nationwide by the CDN network, had the support and assistance of the President of the Dominican Republic, Mr. Danilo Medina; the members of the HOMS Board of Directors; Monsignor Agripino Núñez Collado, president of the Social Economic Council, who was in charge of the blessing; Simón Lizardo, administrator of the Reserve Bank; the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, among other representatives of government institutions, entrepreneurs, insurers, and doctors.

International Accreditation

As a breaking news, Dr. Rafael Sánchez Español announced that HOMS is completing the requirements to obtain Accreditation Canada approval.

“This is one of the most prestigious accreditation entities in health quality of our continent. If something characterizes us it is the dynamism and the will to be in permanent innovation,” he said.

In that sense, he informed that HOMS has the vision of becoming a hospital city and to achieve it they acquired the amount of land necessary to make its expansion possible over time.

New Meta Integra Bariatric and Digestive Institute

“Obesity is the epidemic of the 21st century,” first said Dr. Héctor Sánchez Navarro, director of the Meta Integra Bariatric and Digestive Institute.

The MD, who also serves as deputy director of HOMS, offered data and concern about this scourge.

“Currently it is estimated that 60% of the Dominican population is obese and overweight. Since 2007 the level of obesity has been increasing statically by 2% per year. Women show 29% obesity, while men it’s 22%, “he said.

At an international level, specifically in the Americas, obesity reaches 63% in men and 61% in women, giving rise to other types of associated diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, vascular disorders, digestive diseases, and considerable physical limitations.

“Meta Integra has a medical and technical team trained to provide a distinctive and innovative service under the criteria of comprehensive management of patients with obesity,” said Dr. Sánchez Navarro.

Inauguración Meta Integra - HOMS - dohealthwell
Dominican president Danilo Medina; the minister of Public Health Dr. Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, and high-profile member of the public and private sector supported the opening of Meta Integra. Source: HOMS.

He reported that Meta Integra will soon be accredited as a center of excellence by the Surgical Review Corporation, with the aim of becoming one of the main and most prestigious institutional services for the definitive treatment of obesity in Dominicans and international patients.

In that sense, Dr. Sánchez Navarro showed his satisfaction and highlighted the membership in the Dominican Society of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery – SODOCIMEB – and his work in the safety of international patients.

“Thanks to this society, the Dominican Republic has been recognized as a safe destination for the treatment of obesity.”

Professional Tower – Hotel

The proyect will have two buildings; one of thirteen levels, of which 10 will be destined to medical consultation spaces and offices.

The second building will have 10 levels and will be used to provide services for recovery and post-operative stay, and for family and medical professionals who come from abroad to perform medical procedures at HOMS.

In addition, the professional complex will have a conference room, with a capacity for almost 400 people, auxiliary business rooms, multiple classrooms and spaces for events with more than 700 people.

The new building will have a space of 1,500 square meters, meeting rooms, 800 parking spaces and a bridge that will connect to the hospital.

This is a real estate project under the Trust Law that represents a good opportunity to invest in health tourism.