ISQua accredits Temos International for its standards in healthcare

Currently, Temos clients serve 650,000 outpatients and 44,000 patients inmates per month in more than 20 countries.

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The prestigious International Society in Health Care (ISQua) has accredited Temos International with the “Quality in International Patient Care” for hospitals and clinics worldwide, as well as its “Excellence in Medical” standards Tourism “for the health care of international patients.

ISQua is known as the “Accrediter of Accreditation,” is universally recognized as the “gold standard” for accrediting organizations.

Temos, a body of international accreditation based in Germany, offers a unique set of clinical standards and non-clinical patients centered, oriented to hospitals and clinics that cater to international patients.

With the accreditation of ISQua, Temos joins the elite group of International Accreditation Organizations to offer very high standards in healthcare.

ISQua’s International Accreditation programs provide global recognition to organizations that meet approved international standards.

The approval of the Temos standards shows hospitals, clinics, patients, insurers, companies self-insured, ministries of Health and others, that suppliers accredited by Temos pursue Continuous Quality Improvement and Good Practice criteria.

Currently, Temos clients serve 650,000 outpatients and 44,000 patients inmates per month in more than 20 countries.

“Acquiring the international accreditation of ISQua is the validation of our continuum commitment to our clients and the patients they serve,” are the words of Claudia Mika, founder, and CEO of Temos.

ISQua accredits Temos.
Source: ISQua.

Mika said that “the accreditation of ISQua is a significant achievement for the corporation and its accredited customers.”

Temos offers its customers the highest possible standards to provide their patients with excellent quality in health care.

“This achievement is a demonstration of our dedication to our current and future
customers,” as noted by the healthcare expert.

The ISQua accreditation is added to the list of competitive advantages.

Temos is the first International Accreditation Organization in creating specific standards for international patients, often called medical tourists.

It is the first body of accreditation in Germany to obtain the award and continues to innovate and elevate the requirements for certification, adding added value to their clients and their patients, as well as governments, embassies, consulates, insurers and other entities that rely on the quality of Temos.

Founded in 2010, Temos accredits hospitals, medical and dental clinics, fertility clinics (IVF), rehabilitation and ophthalmology clinics, as well as travel coordinators, also known as medical tourism facilitators or concierges.

With clients on five continents, the corporation has experienced impressive growth, and ISQua accreditation is expected to increase market confidence and accelerate its increase.