Medical Motion: A bridge between medical travelers and providers

Medical Motion recommends health centers, doctors and professionals recognized in their area, who are at the forefront of their professional field.

Medical Motion is a service company that acts as a bridge between medical travelers and clinics and doctors abroad.

According to their website, Medical Motion rose up because of the need for specialized service of recommendation, coordination and international medical assistance in the Dominican Republic.

“We are a bridge between the most recognized clinics and doctors abroad and potential patients, revolutionizing the market for users and health providers locally and internationally,” according to a company statement.

Medical Motion manages and provides information to people who must make critical decisions about their health or the use of health providers.

What do Medical Motion services include

The offers the following:

  • Alleviate the bureaucratic and administrative burden of dealing with requests for medical appointments
  • Paperwork
  • Requirements to complete processes of visits or medical treatments
  • Emotional support
Services, in detail:
  • Provide clients with comprehensive advice at the moment of considering the hiring of health services in the Dominican Republic and abroad.
  • Recommend health centers, doctors and professionals recognized in their area, who are at the forefront of their professional field.
  • Assist in the purchase of airline tickets, accommodations strategically located, and quality alternatives through a personalized service, which adjusts to the needs and expectations of the client.
What is their mission?

Their vision is to revolutionize the market of services for users of local and international health providers, being the first and only company of services of medical recommendation and integral advice of the Dominican Republic.

Also, support to purchase:

  • Most renowned hotel chains
  • Airlines
  • Local and international insurers
  • Renowned hospitals and clinics

4th Health and Wellness Tourism Congress

Francesco Fino is the managing director of Medical Motion, who offers services through WorldCare Dominican Republic.

WorldCare is an ally of the local medical class since the Dominican doctors carry out the processes, exchange of information and treatment recommendations, which favors the transfer of knowledge and experiences in a bilateral manner,” said Fino to local media last January.

WorldCare Dominican Republic sponsors the 4th International Health and Wellness Tourism Congress, an event aimed at promoting the Dominican Republic as a destination.

At the main Medical Travel and Wellness event of Central America and the Caribbean, Francesco Fino will moderate Attracting International Patients panel.

Francesco Fino, from Medical Motion, will moderate the panel: Attracting International Patients.. Medical Travel, medical tourism, dohealthwell.

The local company run by Mr. Francesco Fino wants to become the #1 medical recommendations company in the Dominican Republic.