Panama stepping to unify criteria in health tourism

defined as the meeting of Latin American medicine, health, and wellness providers, interested in a comprehensive development of the region

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Source: Panasalud 2019

Panama held the 4th Panasalud Conference 2019, in which steps were taken to unify criteria in the offer of health tourism services.

This was stated by Mr. Luis Santamaría, president of Panasalud, in an interview with dohealthwell.

“Panama is taking safe steps in the direction of unifying criteria so that our services that are already being sold in health tourism become more competitive at the Latin American level,” he said.

In that sense, Santamaría indicated that the 4th Panasalud Conference 2019 held from October 22nd and 23rd in Panama City, received the support of industry leaders and seeks to strengthen the entities providing health services.

“Our main goal is always that Panamanian doctors and Panamanian institutions become part of the process of growth of health tourism, and continue their commitment to the quality of services, to the training of staff, so that patients leave with better results,” he said.

The general director of Health Panama, said they had the support of doctors, hospital entrepreneurs, and the medical tourism industry overall, attributing this support to innovation.

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Source: Panasalud

“The good thing about Panasalud is that we do not repeat. The material that was given in the beginning was medical tourism basics, which was not discussed in the second edition. In each new Panasalud we come with a new high-level theme. We keep innovating.”

For the fifth version of the event in 2020, Santamaría said they will focus on international patient service marketing, best practices, and synergies in the medical tourism value chain.

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The communicator emphasized that the goal of the Panasalud Conference is to deliver real, genuine, useful content, and that attendees return with new tools.

The event is defined as the meeting of Latin American medicine, health, and wellness providers, interested in a comprehensive development of the region that results in the enrichment of the various Spanish-speaking markets.

About Luis Santamaría

As a pioneer in the field of medical communications in Panama, Luis has been selected by public and private entities in Latin America, the United States and Europe to cover news, events and information on health, science and innovation.

In 2012, he founded the first initiative to promote Panamanian medical services to patients from other regions, under the brand.

He leads Panasalud as general director. Its most ambitious project is the Panasalud Congress, focused on business, marketing, technology and medical tourism, with the support of more than 200 companies in the country and many others in the Latin America.