Paola Rainieri vows as new president of Asonahores

Revision of the bill of Territorial Ordering, promotion, the national tourism development plan, and working with the municipalities of the tourist regions, are her priorities.

Paola Rainieri de Diaz, president of Asonahores. dohealthwell
Source: Asonahores

The Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic – Asonahores – positioned a new president for the 2018-2020 term: Paola Rainieri de Diaz.

“To win, we must all be aware that we need to push towards the same goal. For the tourism industry it refers to the development and growth under standards of quality, stability, and sustainability”, said the decade-long member of the major tourism entity of the Caribbean country.

The presentation took place at the Real Intercontinental Hotel in Santo Domingo on December 3rd, in an event that included the swearing of the new Board of Directors of Asonahores.

On her opening speech, Rainieri de Diaz pointed out that the board, composed of Rafael Blanco Tejera, as first Vice President, Ramon Rossello, second Vice President, Ventura Serra, third Vice President, and Maria Vasquez, among others, “begins with important pending issues of the tourism agenda and in a moment of disagreement on specific issues.”

She also noted that “we will work together for the benefit of our industry and our country, to remain as a recognized tourism model, admired and copied by many countries and above all, for the Caribbean islands and the Latin American countries.

presented the new board of directors 2018-2020 headed by Paola Rainieri de Díaz, as president of Asonahores, during the ‘Christmas Cocktail,’ in which he also shared the work plan in which he will focus his presidency and the board of directors that accompanies it,” states a Twitter post.

Tourism priorities

According to the also Senior Vice President of Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications of Grupo Puntacana, the private association has four priorities:

Revision of the bill of Territorial Ordering to arrive at a consensual project and elaborated by stages, under an integrated approach and the criteria of sustainable development.

In this matter, Rainieri sustains that there is a need for a comprehensive vision of territorial ordering in tourist regions and their communities.

The other three priorities are promotion, the national tourism development plan and working with the municipalities of the tourist regions.

“I also consider important the agreement with unions, social organizations, clusters, universities and other institutions related to tourism,” she said during his swearing-in.

The second female president of Asonahores

For the second time in 57 years, a woman is running the most powerful tourism association in the Dominican Republic, following in the footsteps of her mother Haydee Kuret de Rainieri, who served from 2008-2010.

The communications expert steps in at a time when the tourism sector is going through some disagreements. The most notable concerning the resolution 002-2017 of the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, which authorizes the construction of towers of up to 22 floors in Macao, La Altagracia (East).

Paola Rainieri de Diaz is the daughter of the pioneer and president of the Punta Cana Group, Frank Rainieri.

Source: Grupo Puntacana.

She has a degree in Communication from Simmons College, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and at the Marketing Management Program of the Barna School.

The Rainieri family links to the country’s tourism sector since 1971 when Frank Rainieri Marranzini opened the Punta Cana Club, a set of ten small two-bedroom cabins.

Paola Rainieri replaces Joel Santos, a strong supporter of Medical Travel and who currently serves as the executive vice-president of Coral Hospitality Group.