Pearl of the South is launched: Dominican Republic government backs it up

Gonzalo Alexander Castillo, CEO of the project, informed that Pearl of the South is a hotel and real estate concept that will be developed in seven phases.

Pearl of the South first stage look. Wellness, doheatlwell.
First stage of Pearl of the South. Source: @perladelsur

Pearl of the South has been officially launched, and it represents the largest tourist investment, to date, in the South region of the island.

The Minister of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, Francisco Javier García, said that the development model of the project shows momentum and has the potential to bring prosperity and progress to that region.

“If tourism develops, and there are tourist poles that are fully consolidated, this causes progress for other poles, without a doubt the southern moment arrived,” mentioned the public official at the Garden Tent of the El Embajador Hotel, in Santo Domingo.

As a high note, Javier García recalled that in 2016, 5,430 rooms were added to the hotel offer in the Dominican Republic; 7,300 in 2017; and 8,400 in 2018.

A Twitter posting from the Ministry of Tourism profiles shows a view of the South region of the country, and images of the launching.

“The time has come for the tourist development of the South with the presentation of the hotel and real estate complex Perla del Sur, “Your New Destiny, located in Santa Cruz de Barahona,” says below.

Pearl of the South

Gonzalo Alexander Castillo, CEO of the project, informed that Pearl of the South is a hotel and real estate concept that will be developed in seven phases.

Pearl of the South, originally named “Hotel Development and Real Estate Project Perla del Sur,” is located in Santa Cruz de Barahona.

The first stage of the complex includes 27 villas-type apartments and is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

First stage:

  • 51 Rooms
  • Boutique hotel with 75 rooms
  • Convention center

Second stage

  • Construction of a club
  • 500,000-gallon saltwater pool
  • 24 bungalows.

Third stage

  • La Casona Hotel Boutique, 96 rooms.

Fourth stage

  • A Marina with 42 docks
  • A second boutique hotel with 36 rooms
  • Marina Residences with 40 apartments and 88 rooms
  • A Marina club
  • Bars and restaurants.

The other phases will be composed of three towers with different areas. Currently, the first two stages are being developed simultaneously.

Pearl of the South promises economic development of the South region in the Dominican Republic. Medical travel, wellness, dohealthwell.
Source: Perla del Sur

Castillo added that during the construction process more than 1,450 direct jobs and more than 4,000 indirect jobs would be created. Once completed, 10,000 jobs are expected.

So far the project has generated more than 350 jobs and two thousand more to come.

In total, Pearl of the South includes six real estate projects and three hotel companies, for a total of some 895 rooms estimated to be completed between 8 and ten years.


Pearl of the South Commercial Director, Javier Herrera, provided insights about the leadership’s vision.

“We are not only building hotels; we are developing a destination, that is our commitment. We propose that the visitor or owner can enjoy our excellent facilities and, at the same time, live the experience offered by Barahona by combining beaches, rivers, mountains, sun, cold and hot temperatures, among other attractions, “said Herrera at the launch.

These facilities give Barahona a world-class destination to welcome international tourists who prefer different tourism to the all-inclusive.