Spanish Airlines increase flight frequency between Madrid and Punta Cana

Air-Europa-Evelop - dohealthwell

The Spanish airlines Air Europa and Evelop have each scheduled a slight increase in the number of flights served on the Madrid – Punta Cana route for the summer season according to the information provided to Infotur Dominicano by Stanley Joaquin, pilot and analyst of aviation.

In that sense, Air Europa increases from four to six weekly flights with an Airbus A330-200 equipment from June 16, this being a seasonal increase for the summer holiday season in Europe.

Similarly, and as we mentioned, Evelop, increases the number of flights, in this case from four to five weekly, from June 29, also operating an Airbus A330-200 equipment.

In short, there are three additional flights that are scheduled for the summer season by these two Spanish airlines.