Tourists flow to the Dominican Republic keeps strength by October 2018

North America provided 2,751,670 tourists, the highest amount to the island, which is characterized by its white sand beaches and all-inclusive resorts at competitive prices. 

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Source: GoDomRep

As the Caribbean tourism powerhouse, the Dominican Republic maintains its strength in the arrival of non-resident visitors, exceeding past calculations.

According to the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic, the cumulative arrival of non-resident visitors who air traveled between January-October of 2018 was 5.4 million, an increase of 317,247 when compared to the same period in 2017.

The 6.2% growth accounts for 221,529 non-resident foreigners and 95,718 non-resident Dominicans.

North America

That region provided 2,751,670 tourists, the highest amount to the island and doubling the European tourists.

  • The United States –  1,985,432
  • Canada –  734,292
  • Mexico –  31,946

How about 2017

In 2017 the Dominican Republic welcomed 5. 1 million non-resident foreign visitors by air between January – October.

The Ministry of Tourism sustained that the growth has been impacted by current employment in the United States, the main market that held 42.4% of the total of tourists in the last ten months.

The data from the Dominican Central Bank showed that the arrival of non-resident passengers to the Dominican Republic in October 2018 reached a total of 414,982 visitors, an increase of 19,316 additional passengers (4.9%) compared to the same month of 2017.

Of this increase, foreigners recorded an annualized increase of 4.0% (13,355 additional passengers) and non-resident Dominicans a year-on-year growth of 10.2%, that is, 5,961 more visitors than in October 2017.

Russian tourists

Recently, Galina Lysenko, director of the Representation Office of the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic in Russia, Ukraine, and the Community of Independent States, stated that the Caribbean country is focusing in developing tour operators in the east and advertise the southwest to a market that also aims at the Samana peninsula.

“According to our estimates, since October, with a higher amount of flights from tour operators, the flow of tourists from Russia will increase, and in general, this year we expect between 180 and 200 thousand tourists from Russia.”