WorldCare International: Second opinions and reduced medical costs

Their mission is to help its members worldwide and their treating physicians to get the correct diagnosis and the optimal treatment plan while reducing overall health care costs.

WorldCare International is a company based in Boston, USA, that works to eliminate unnecessary procedures, trial and error treatments for rare medical conditions,  misdiagnoses, inappropriate treatments, and redirecting healthcare resources.

“One in 12 adult patients is misdiagnosed, WorldCare’s remote second opinion service helps prevent you from becoming part of this unsettling picture,” mentions a featured video posted on their Youtube channel, World Care International, Inc.

The company states that their services are beneficial for the patient: “WorldCare expert medical second opinion service is the gold-standard that can save you time and money by remotely delivering value-added services, such as The WorldCare Nurse Case Managers which facilitate your medical process from start to finish.”

WorldCare International and Medical Travel

According to Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso, President of the Dominican Health Tourism Association, the service comes to meet a market need and favors the transfer of best practices and technology in aims to strengthen the quality and modernization of Dominican medicine.

“It provides important international allies such as the Mayo Clinic, hospitals affiliated with Harvard University, Partners Healthcare System. In addition Harvard Medical School, Northwestern Medicine, UCLA Health, among other world-renowned entities,” said the Medical Tourism expert on a January statement on local media.

WorldCare International: Second Opinions and Reduced Medical Costs. Medical travel, medical tourism, dohealthwell.
Source: WorldCare International


Francesco Fino, Manager and Founding Partner of Medical Motion Corporate, indicated that medical travel is a two-route activity: where international patients are welcomed while locals travel for medical treatments.

Medical Motion offers through WorldCare Dominican Republic a variety of services of second remote opinions at low cost and without the patient having to leave the country.

Mr. Fino says their services complement the Dominican Republic Medical Travel offers.

Francesco Fino, Manager of Medical Motion. Medical Travel, medical tourism, dohealthwell.
Source: Francesco Fino LinkedIn.

“WorldCare is an ally of the local medical class since the Dominican doctors carry out the processes, exchange of information and treatment recommendations, which favors the transfer of knowledge and experiences in a bilateral manner.”

WorldCare Dominican Republic sponsors the 4th International Health and Wellness Tourism Congress, an event aimed at promoting the Dominican Republic as a destination.

In that sense, the business leader will moderate “Attracting International Patients” at the main Medical Travel event of the Caribbean.

“This upcoming 5-7th of September, I invite you to participate at the 4th International Health and Wellness Tourism Congress, to be held at the Jaragua Hotel”, opens up Fino in a video posted on AF Comunicacion Estrategica and reposted on DoHealthWelltv.

The international congress involves more than 40 expert speakers. Fino’s panel is scheduled for September 7th from 08:30-09:30 AM EST.

What Does WorldCare Services Include?

  • Answers to any questions from their members and their treating physicians may have
    an offer continuous one-on-one support.
  • Help the member and their treating physician better understand their medical
  • Upon completion of the medical second opinion, the patient can request a one-on-one consultation between the reviewing specialist and the treating physician.
  • Timely reporting, data mining and outreach efforts to boost and measure utilization.
  • Comprehensive roadmaps for their members and their treating physicians to navigate
    next steps and stay in contact via medical second opinion service.

They provide consultations and therapeutic recommendations in the main diseases, contributing to the patient, local health institutions, corporations and their doctor the certainty, and security of a multidisciplinary approach.

Medical Motion Promotion Focus:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Caribbean islands

WorldCare Clients Correct Diagnosis and Results

According to the company, their mission is to “help its members worldwide and their treating physicians to get the correct diagnosis and the optimal treatment plan while reducing overall health care costs, since one in twelve adult patients is misdiagnosed.”

These are WorldCare International Highlights:

  • 26% of cases have a change or correction in diagnosis
  • 75% of cases have revisions in a treatment plan
  • 18% reduction in indirect healthcare costs (turnover, etc.)
  • 123% ROI in gross healthcare costs when there’s any change in diagnosis/treatment
  • 600% ROI in gross health care costs when there’s a significant change in
    diagnosis/treatment plan.

Read the interview to the President of WorldCare International below:

Dr. Hassan Sharif: “A Medical Second Opinion Can Be Potentially Lifesaving”