Dental fillings

Fillings restore full health and functionality to a tooth effectively. Dental filling procedures are most commonly used to treat cavities, but they’re also used to repair teeth that have been worn down over time.

What should I expect after a dental filling

While the mouth might feel a bit numb for a few hours following the procedure, there may only be a bit of soreness following the procedure.

In other cases, the patient may feel a bit of sensitivity for a few days or so.

In many cases, the sensitivity will likely last several days or even possibly several weeks.

This sensitivity is completely normal as it is a result of nerves in the filled tooth sending pain signals to surrounding teeth and gums.

Thus, there is no need to panic if someone feels sensitive in the aftermath of a filling. It is perfectly natural for a few days.

If there are concerns that the sensitivity is taking too long, contact your dentist.

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