There are many advantages in using Invisalign braces system, including faster treatment, significantly reduced discomfort in comparison with other methods, and the ability to remove the aligners for proper brushing and flossing. Whether you have an open bite, gap teeth or an overbite, Invisalign provides a great solution to those who want a moder way of straighten out their teeth.

What is Invisalign?

For more than 20 years, Invisalign has benefited millions of those who want or need to straighten their teeth for a better-looking smile or address an issue that can diminish your oral performance.

Invisalign offers a faster option for treating minor cases and an average time to work of about 12 months, about 20-30 sets of aligners, and where the results depends on having a board-certified and skilled orthodontist, but moreover, a patient that is consistent with the aftercare.

It is a clear-produced functional and aesthetic option and in many cases an improvement, that uses incremental transparent aligners to straighten and realign teeth without the obvious physical appearance of braces.

Who performs Invisalign braces?

A certified orthodontist is the type of professional dentist that performs invisalign.

It is advised that all potential patient check the credentials and experience of the orthodontist, and putting your smile in the care of an amateur or a general dentist by asking key questions.

At the consultation, ask questions about their education, including continuing education, as well as their orthodontics residency program.

This is an important factor in ensuring that your doctor has performed all of the requirements of the board of orthodontics in the city or country they practice.

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