There are many advantages in using Invisalign braces system, including faster treatment, significantly reduced discomfort in comparison with other methods, and the ability to remove the aligners for proper brushing and flossing. Whether you have an open bite, gap teeth or an overbite, Invisalign provides a great solution to those who want a moder way of straighten out their teeth.

How many Invisalign aligners do I need?

The amount of Invisalign aligners you will need depends on the extent of your treatment.

For example, those who only require minimal teeth straightening may be given a set of 10-20 aligners, whereas those with more complex cases will benefit more with 40-50 sets of aligners.

On average, patients usually require between 20-30 sets of aligners.

Again, this depends on the treatment plan discussed with your orthodontist.

You will be able to find out more about your treatment during your consultation and you will also be given a detailed treatment plan to adhere to.

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