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According to the 2017 Food & Health Survey conducted by the International Food Information Council Foundation, 77 percent of U.S. citizens are trying to lose weight or avoid gaining weight.

However, nearly 70 percent are overweight or obese.

We dedicate this category to those who all over the world continue to struggle with their goal of having a healthier and lean lifestyle

Dr. Luis A. Betances

How many medical travelers come to the DR for weight loss surgeries

Bariatric surgical procedures cause weight loss by restricting the amount of food the stomach can hold and almost all are done successfully, according to statistics. The Dominican Republic is seen as a cost-effective and quality...

How much gastric sleeve cost in the Dominican Republic

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed to remove a big portion of your stomach, making you feel full sooner after eating. According to Ralph Peterli, MD, of Claraspital in Basel in Switzerland, in a single-center study,...
Bariatric psychology handles mental issues of those seeking weight loss surgery.

Bariatric psychology: is your mind holding you back from surgery?

Bariatric Psychology helps determine how much understanding a prospective patient has about a bariatric procedure and if there is a need for further preparations. It provides insights to psychologists in recognizing if the patient can...
Healthy lifestyle snack on table

7 delicious weight loss foods to have on your plate (+recipes)

When it comes to losing weight, nothing beats having a delicious meal and at the same time be able to achieve your health goals. There is only one way to accomplish this: weight loss...

9 interesting facts about weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery is a means of getting rid of the excess fat, and the trend is here to stay because of the overall benefits people experience after years of high consumption of processed...
Healthy Living image

8 benefits of the gastric sleeve surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is considered among the most seek-to methods for losing weight.  This type of weight loss surgery helps people shed a great amount of weight, and according to a new study, it is...
Women stepping on scale BMI concept.

How to calculate your BMI in less than 1 minute

BMI is a simple and inexpensive way of measuring body fat based on your weight in kilograms concerning your height in meters. It is considered a reasonable indicator of body fat for male and female adults...
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