Michael and Ana: a Punta Cana love story

Michael and Ana came down from Florida on a Jetblue flight, straight into the Punta Cana Airport, where about 70% of the 6.5 million tourist land. 

Michael and Ana Punta Cana - dohealthwell

Punta Cana has been the ideal destination for millions of tourists that enjoy the cristal-clear beaches, white sands, great attractions, and an environment that the majority describe as ‘paradise’.

I wanted to start the next chapter of our brand writing about the experiences from Americans in Punta Cana. Many ideas came out as to what would be a nice story to tell about someone else’s story on our country: adventures, parties, family trips, professional travel bloggers talking about the destination, etc.

While browsing for videos on Youtube, one in particular caught my attention. It was the Punta Cana Vlog from the channel Spot Visuals that really sparked things off for me.

I then deciced to talk about Michael and Ana.

But why this vlog in particular? Well, in essence, this vacation video tells a love story. The sweet thing is that they do not talk about them at all. You may see them holding hands, drinking, or at the pool, but there are no remarks about their relationship or context. They did not have to. It’s about the energy!

After giving it little thought, I contacted Michael on his Instagram @spotvisuals in the hopes of getting his approval to write an article and add the video to the blog post. To my surprise, he responded the same day and that’s when I thought this post was going to be memorable.

The experience

Michael and Ana came down from Florida on a Jetblue flight, landing at the Punta Cana Airport, where about 70% of the 6.5 million tourist arrive.

Based on the vlog, this experience happened for New Year’s 2019 at the Barcelo Bavaro Palace.

From the get go, you can tell that Michael took his time to provide us with amazing visuals from the pool and the beach of the hotel, thanks to his media tools like cameras, lenses, filters, and his skill as a filmaker.

“We have a dinner date every single night and we just booked a spa day. It’s going to be a good 7-day trip”, he said.

Meanwhile, Ana was on a quest to find one the Dominican Republic’s most popular drinks: mamajuana.

“Donde está la mamajuana?”, she asked anxiously a hotel representative in a perfect (Cuban maybe?) Spanish accent. I believe the anxiousness was more relating to setting up Michael first, and a personal treat second.

Michael - mamajuana
Source: Screen capture Spot Visuals.

I enjoyed seeing Michael’s reaction and as he drank his shot of mamajuana at the hotel.

From my point of view he is like: Oh my God (in slow motion). Look above in the picture. He is just staring at nothing far away, unfocused. He may have realized mamajuana is no joke, at all.

“After two mamajuana shots my face is really red. I don’t know how to take this, I am sweating right now”, he says while being mocked by Ana, who never flinch nor complained about it. Told you it was a set up!

Indeed, mamajuana it’s a concoction that’s made by combining dark rum, red wine and honey, and then allowing that mixture to soak with tree bark and herbs. I am no alcohol expert but this combination seems like a Mike Tyson’s jab back in the 90’s. At least for Michael.

Love is in the air

As our title suggest, this video from Michael and Ana is not about the hotel or Punta Cana, or the Dominican Republic; it’s about a love story that happened at a hotel in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Which is great!

Michael and Ana at the beach - dohealthwell
Source: Screen capture Spot Visuals.

What’s remarkable is that the couple was not hesitant to show it to the world as is. You can see them holding hands, dancing, kissing, hugging, and really portraying a sense of wellness in each experience at the destination, whether at the pool, beach, bar, at the spa, cheering drinks at a boat, or even as they rode horses.

“This is amazing, this is life right here”, said a smiling Michael as he jumped alongside Ana at the Hoyo Azul, a paradisiacal, natural “blue water” retreat surrounded in lush rainforest and approximately 14 meters (45 feet) in depth.

They really got the best out of this trip and there was no activity left out of the table for this young couple from the United States, who where joined later in the trip by another couple from Miami, who tagged along in some attractions.

Michael and Ana toast -dohealthwell

Before getting into what looked like an indigenous dance at an undisclosed tourist attraction, Ana made it loud and clear at their last dinner date in the Dominican Republic: “Merry christmas, happy New Year, happy anniversary, I love you”, the latter replied by Michael.


Later in 2019, Michal proposed to Ana in Greece, making this story even more interesting to know about.

“You have truly made all my dreams come true! In love, I always wished and prayed for passion, happiness, a companion that will teach me and guide me but that will also enjoy everything this world has to offer by my side. You have given me all of that and more. I love you my fiancé ! WE ARE ENGAGED”, she stated in an October Instagram post based in Oia Santorini.

To top things of, Michael produced a video which encompasses all of their trips to different countries and continents, which shows this man’s vision and love to his now fiancee.

I wish you the best in this new stage of your life. May God bless you and your future endeavors.

Hey Michael, how about setting up a wedding in the Dominican Republic?

If you do, I promise to get you some mamajuana as a souvenir!