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Santo Domingo
Canadian Ambassador in the Dominican Republic visits Punta Cana Medical Center (2)

Canadian Ambassador in DR visits Punta Cana Medical Center; praises accreditation

The Punta Cana Medical Center, a member of the Rescue Group, received the Canadian ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Shauna Hemingway, after achieving the Qmentum International-Accreditation Canada program. With the purpose of knowing the facilities...
Punta Cana Medical Center

Punta Cana Medical Center: first internationally accredited general hospital in the DR

The Punta Cana Medical Center, a member of Grupo Rescue, received the international accreditation certificate through the Qmentum International-Accreditation Canada (AC) program, becoming the first third-level hospital that obtains an international accreditation in the...
Punta Cana is a main destination for Russians. Travel, dohealthwell

The truth about all those tourists dying in the Dominican Republic

When U.S. tourist Khalid Adkins passed away in Santo Domingo last week, after getting sick and being pulled off his return flight, the 46-year-old’s name was added to a growing list of Americans who...
Dr. Marcos Arias from the Dominican Republic

Dr. Marcos Arias: Urology enables genuine relationships and trust from patients

Every successful person in any aspect of society has similar traits that define them: discipline, perseverance, commitment, and passion. When it comes to medicine, achieving a milestone might be harder to accomplish, as it should...
Dr. Marcos Arias HOMS

HOMS urologist becomes first in DR to perform prostate cancer robotic surgery

Dr. Marcos Arias, member of the urology team at the Metropolitan Hospital of Santiago -HOMS- became the first Dominican doctor to perform robotic surgery against prostate cancer in the Dominican Republic. "Robotic surgery is the...
Ciudad Sanitariavideo

Orthopedic robotic surgery now coming to the Dominican Republic

Dr. Jose Natalio Redondo, president of the Grupo Rescue, announced that orthopedic robotic surgery is coming to the Dominican Republic, for the benefit of the local population and the capture of international patients. "All of...
medical insurance

Health tourism and the civil medical liability insurance

On May 7, 2019, I had the honor of attending at the Intercontinental Hotel of the city of Santo Domingo, to the presentation of the first Study and Diagnosis of Health and Wellness Tourism...
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