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Santo Domingo
Dr. Marcos Arias HOMS

HOMS urologist becomes first in DR to perform prostate cancer robotic surgery

Dr. Marcos Arias, member of the urology team at the Metropolitan Hospital of Santiago -HOMS- became the first Dominican doctor to perform robotic surgery against prostate cancer in the Dominican Republic. "Robotic surgery is the...

Health centers in the Dominican Republic unify over medical travel

Health centers in the Dominican Republic continue to improve and upgrade their services offer to medical travelers, in a growing industry known for its cost-effectiveness and value. Based on destination environment, medical tourism industry, quality of...
HOMS Robotic Surgery opening in Santiago, Dominican Republic. dohealthwellvideo

HOMS: pioneers of robotic surgery in Central America and the Caribbean

The Metropolitan Hospital of Santiago -HOMS- is located at the heart of the Dominican Republic, and they are best known for being the pioneers of robotic surgery in Central America and the Caribbean, receiving...
Mariela Vicini, founder of CEMDOE. dohealthwellvideo

CEMDOE: a world-class diabetes center in the Dominican Republic

The Medical Center for Diabetes, Obesity, and Specialties -CEMDOE- is a specialized, comprehensive, and intuitive care facility focused on the prevention and well-being of the diabetic patient, located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Millions of...

Cedimat: Caribbeans top cardiovascular center

Cedimat was built as a visionary cardiovascular center in the heart of the Caribbean: the Dominican Republic. According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases, or CVDs, are the global primary cause of deaths. Any...

5 things you should know about IMG Punta Cana

Health Tourism became a global trend because of the value it provides to millions of people that each year travel abroad for possible health or wellness solutions. IMG Punta Cana was developed to become...


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