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Santo Domingo
Dr. Marcos Arias from the Dominican Republic

Dr. Marcos Arias: Urology enables genuine relationships and trust from patients

Every successful person in any aspect of society has similar traits that define them: discipline, perseverance, commitment, and passion. When it comes to medicine, achieving a milestone might be harder to accomplish, as it should...
Dra. Viviana Navas, Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Viviana Navas: heart failure programs should be a hospital’s priority

For Dr. Viviana Navas, medical director of the Cleveland Clinic's Transplant Program, heart failure should be a priority in clinics and hospitals, who may benefit their patients by establishing programs and providing follow-up. Navas was...
Ciudad Sanitariavideo

Orthopedic robotic surgery now coming to the Dominican Republic

Dr. Jose Natalio Redondo, president of the Grupo Rescue, announced that orthopedic robotic surgery is coming to the Dominican Republic, for the benefit of the local population and the capture of international patients. "All of...
Dr. Rossy Belliard being interviewed by Jairo Mateo, editor of dohealtwell.

Dr. Rossy Belliard: early insulinization is the biggest myth in the DR

Diabetes affects 425 million people worldwide and it is estimated that in 2045 it will affect almost 629 million, according to estimates of the International Diabetes Federation. Most of the food you eat is broken...
Dr. Jose Natalio Redondo, dohealthwell

Dr. Jose Natalio Redondo: medical travel is ready to take off

"If we can make a simile about something well known to everyone, which is health tourism, the Dominican Republic is with the plane on, at the head of the runway and ready to take...
Dr. Katherine DeRuggiero, Vice President of Services at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Dr. Katherine DeRuggiero exclusive interview with DoHealthWell® (+bio)

Dr. Katherine DeRuggiero is the Vice President of Patient Services at Johns Hopkins Medicine International, the newest of many roles in a life dedicated to healthcare. The 32-year veteran nurse collaborates across Johns Hopkins Medicine International...

Turkey, an attractive destination for health tourism

Interview with Minister of Health of Turkey, Dr. Fahrettin Koca. By Dashira Martinez, MBA, CPC In recent years, Turkey has become a world leader in health; Its newly opened a city hospital Bilkent Sehir, which is...


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