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Santo Domingo
Maite del Toro, Executive Director of the Dominican Health Tourism Association. Medical travel, medical tourism, dohealthwell.

Maite del Toro’s SWOT analysis on medical travel

Dr. Maite del Toro developed the first SWOT analysis on Medical Travel in the Dominican Republic, in which she reveals the importance of public-private partnerships and a regulatory framework to achieve quality and safety. Del...
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Temos: improving accreditation standards for health and medical travel

Temos International partners with clients to create the highest standards of clinical and non-clinical services for all patients, both national and international. With its focus on clinical outcomes, patient safety, risk management, and comprehensive patient...
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Medical travel: the Dominican Republic’s new industry

The consolidated tourism industry and the credibility of our Country Brand have opened the doors to a new national industry: Medical Travel How did we get to this point? In the next paragraphs, there is...
Millions of people visit the Dominican Republic every year.

New tourists: the vibrating force of the Dominican destination

Diversifying the tourist offer puts us, first of all, before a panorama of vast natural resources not yet taken advantage of. Recodes of beach on the shore of Miches, extensive sandy shores on the Atlantic...
Dominican Republic National Congress must approve a law that provides guidelines to operate a medical travel business. Medical tourism, dohealthwell.

Medical tourism regulations in the Dominican Republic: an urgent need

Every year, thousands come to the Dominican Republic for treatments that vary from plastic surgery, oncology, dental, orthopedics, weight loss surgery, among others, which makes medical tourism regulations a must for the tourism powerhouse...
Second opinion is attractive for medical travelers

Consumers, insist on second opinion especially with medical tourism!

It is very important to help our patients who entrusted us with their Health to educate them about their disease condition, how to treat it and prevent its recurrence or progression. A second opinion will...

Dominican Health Tourism Association: what do they strive for?

The Dominican Health Tourism Association (ADTS) - by its acronym in Spanish – is the strongest advocate of positioning the Dominican Republic as a high-quality, secure, and cost-effective destination for medical travelers. To accomplish the...


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