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5 common sleep myths that can harm your health and wellness

Sleep influences your productivity, mood, well-being, and overall health. People believe that five or fewer hours of sleep each night is enough, right? Not. Snoring is maybe harmless, right? Not. Drinking alcohol can be a good thing...
Preventive check-up are needed to maintain proper health. dohealthwell.video

What is a preventive health check-up and why should you care

The World Health Organization states that wellness incorporates attitudes and activities that prevents disease, improves health, enhances the quality of life, and bring a person to increasingly optimum levels of well-being. It is not a...
Wellness tourism seeks to improve or improves a person's wellbeing. dohealthwellvideo

What is wellness tourism

Wellness tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and the main reason is that it puts your wellbeing and overall health at the center of your travel experience. According to the...
Santo Domingo Wellness Center opening on February 8th. dohealthwell.

Dr. Hector Lopez praises Santo Domingo Wellness Center’s medical advantage

Dr. Hector Lopez, an orthopedic surgeon with a sports medicine fellowship, praised the medical advantage of the Santo Domingo Wellness Center and its team. Currently the Quality Director of the Dominican Health Tourism Association, a non-profit that works...
Dr. Victor Atallah at Santo Domingo Wellness Center inauguration. dohealthwell

Dr. Victor Atallah: wellness and integral health are our priorities

Dr. Victor Atallah leads the newly opened Santo Domingo Wellness Center, and in his speech, he laid down the staff priorities and valued the interest of Major League Baseball in the project. "Wellness and providing...
Santo Domingo Wellness Center. dohealthwell

Santo Domingo Wellness Center opens and embraces a new health concept

Santo Domingo Wellness Center opened up for service with a new health concept based on prevention, treatment, and functional physical optimization. "Our priority is to deliver that feeling of wellness, integrated health, to everyone that...


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