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How to increase hemoglobin levels

How to increase hemoglobin levels is a common question among medical travelers, especially those having plastic or weight loss surgery. Hemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen...
National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products. dohealthwell

Europe stops Allergan’s textured implants sales over safety concerns

Allergan, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of breast implants, has been banned from selling two of its textured surfaces in Europe. The halt came...

How long is a tummy tuck recovery

A tummy tuck recovery should be considered as a journey that starts right after the procedure and consists of stages. In that sense, we...
Dr. Luis Redondo, República Dominicana. dohealthwell.

Dr. Luis Redondo: Dominican Republic makes the world beautiful

Dr. Luis Redondo is an Associate member of the Dominican Society of Plastic Surgery, SODOCIPRE, and an associate member of the International Society of...

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Dentist performing dental implants removal. dohealthwell.

Can dental implants be removed

A dental implant is affixed into the jaw to secure a replacement tooth or bridge. Thus, many wonder if dentists can remove the implants...

Opportunities for dental travel in the Dominican Republic

Press Release. Dental travel in the Dominican Republic is a sub-sector of health tourism that is in dynamic growth and expansion. The Dominican Republic is...
Picture of a small crown.

What is a tooth crown

According to the Oral Health Foundation, a tooth crown is described as an artificial restoration that occupies the remainder of a prepared tooth for...

5 Interesting facts about porcelain veneers

Have you ever wish to have a dazzling and breathtaking smile just like the ones you see on TV? The secret to most of...
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