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Santo Domingo
Preventive check-up are needed to maintain proper health. dohealthwell.video

What is a preventive health check-up and why should you care

The World Health Organization states that wellness incorporates attitudes and activities that prevents disease, improves health, enhances the quality of life, and bring a...
Wellness tourism seeks to improve or improves a person's wellbeing. dohealthwellvideo

What is wellness tourism

Wellness tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and the main reason is that it puts your wellbeing and overall...
Santo Domingo Wellness Center opening on February 8th. dohealthwell.

Dr. Hector Lopez praises Santo Domingo Wellness Center’s medical advantage

Dr. Hector Lopez, an orthopedic surgeon with a sports medicine fellowship, praised the medical advantage of the Santo Domingo Wellness Center and its team. Currently the Quality Director...
Dr. Victor Atallah at Santo Domingo Wellness Center inauguration. dohealthwell

Dr. Victor Atallah: wellness and integral health are our priorities

Dr. Victor Atallah leads the newly opened Santo Domingo Wellness Center, and in his speech, he laid down the staff priorities and valued the...

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Dentist performing dental implants removal. dohealthwell.

Can dental implants be removed

A dental implant is affixed into the jaw to secure a replacement tooth or bridge. Thus, many wonder if dentists can remove the implants...

Opportunities for dental travel in the Dominican Republic

Press Release. Dental travel in the Dominican Republic is a sub-sector of health tourism that is in dynamic growth and expansion. The Dominican Republic is...
Picture of a small crown.

What is a tooth crown

According to the Oral Health Foundation, a tooth crown is described as an artificial restoration that occupies the remainder of a prepared tooth for...

5 Interesting facts about porcelain veneers

Have you ever wish to have a dazzling and breathtaking smile just like the ones you see on TV? The secret to most of...
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